About yaari

Yaari is a new age social commerce app transforming the way India ventures into entrepreneurship by optimising the use of social media platforms. The app aims to revolutionise community reselling with its cutting edge technology and robust supply chain and logistics services. Key features of the app include sleek interface, smooth navigation and delectable feed. Yaari is a curated marketplace that offers a range of products to choose from - apparel, footwear, accessories, home decor items and much more at the tap of your fingers.

Lakhs of
Onwards Monthly earnings
24,000 +
Delivering pin codes
Benefits of yaari
Quick & Secure Payments

Yaari charges commission only ‘after’ you make a sale and ensures timely payments

Highest Quality Products

Yaari conducts regular quality assessment of products to ensure lowest returns and strives for customer satisfaction.

Delivery Support

Yaari takes care of shipping and delivery so you can focus on your core business

Account Manager

Yaari provides you a dedicated account manager to grow your sales exponentially

How to Earn on Yaari
Scroll through the app and choose the products you would like to resell

Yaari recommends you margin on products to maximise your earnings. Earn more than Rs. 25000/- a month with zero investment

Make your social media game strong; share on Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook

Now use Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook to build a personalised store for your friends, family and people across the nation

Build connections and long-lasting bonds with Yaari

Become your friends’, relatives’, neighbors’ and well-wishers’ personalized online store.

Grow your monthly earnings to make meaningful income

Receive your margin, bonus and prize money every week directly in your bank account.

Why Yaari?
Backed by
Indiabulls Group
Trusted by Millions of
Sellers and Resellers
Choose from among
more than lakhs of SKUs
Quality Products at
Wholesale Price
Track your orders
on the go
Training and Support
at every step
Earn more than Rs. 25000/- per month from the comfort of your home
Our Happy Re-seller Family
Sunita Gupta
Verified Reseller

Yaari is not just an app, but a blessing in disguise. My husband, who is the sole breadwinner for the family, got affected by the pandemic and lost his job. That’s when I found out about Yaari and decided to sign up and help our situation. Now I can use my phone to not only share WhatsApp forwards in my circle but also earn some meaningful income while doing so. Thanks to Yaari, we are now assured of a monthly stable income in these unprecedented times.

Rashi Verma
Verified Reseller

I recently graduated from college with a B. Com. degree and was looking for a job. Luck did not favour me even after having applied to many places all over. That’s when some of my friends told me about the Yaari app. I set up my own online store and started selling quality products, and all of this with zero investment! In addition to being occupied by doing something of my own, I am also financially independent now. Yaari has paved a new way for young ambitious girls to step up and get smarter with their smartphones!

Shreya Vyas
Verified Reseller

I come from a conservative family where girls are not allowed to move to bigger cities to pursue their dreams. Since my early childhood, I have had many aspirations and wanted to make it big in life and have my own identity. Being from a small place like Gorakhpur always kept me away from all the exposure the city life has to offer. I came across the Yaari advertisement while I was scrolling through some videos on YouTube and got fascinated to know more. I am now a seasoned reseller with Yaari with a wide and diverse customer base from across India. I am grateful to Yaari for opening up avenues for girls like me to stay connected with the mainstream World.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Where should I give my bank details for Margin / Payments / Refunds / Bonus ?

Ans:Once you sign up on the Yaari app, you can find a “Reseller Panel” in the Account section on the bottom of the app. There will be an option to ‘Update bank details’. Once you enter your bank details, you will start receiving your weekly earnings (margin, bonus and prize money) in your bank account directly. Yaari is an authorized platform and prevents any misuse of your bank account details.

2. If I share a catalog or product with my customer on WhatsApp and Facebook, will Yaari app (supply) send its name or link or price in the message?

Ans: No. Yaari will be confidential in all the transactions between the (re)seller and the buyer. Your online store name (customised by you / automatically generated at the time of sign up) will be visible to your buyer(s). The link and price of the product will remain confidential.

3. How can I track the shipment of my order?

Ans: Once you confirm an order from your buyer and punch it in the app, you (reseller) will receive an SMS from the shipping partners along with a tracking ID. Being a reseller, it will be up to you to keep your customer updated. Until the product is finally delivered to your customer, the concerned shipping partner will notify you about the delivery timeline.

4. I want to cancel an order that I have placed with Yaari supply. How do I do that?

Ans: Go to the Yaari app, enter the product code for the order placed or simply search the product from “your orders” in the Reseller Panel from the account section on the bottom of the app. Choose ‘Cancel order’ and a valid reason for cancellation of the order. Remember, you can only cancel the order before it is picked by the delivery partner from the supplier which typically happens within 12 hours of the order generated.

5. What are the timings of the Yaari support team?

Ans: Yaari support team works between Mondays and Saturdays from 9 AM - 6 PM. You may reach out to them for all your reselling or supply related queries.

6. I am a reseller. How can I use the app to grow my business on WhatsApp and Facebook?

Ans: Sign up on the Yaari app with a few easy steps. Once you set up your own online store (automatically generated upon signing up), you can start sharing catalogues (by simply clicking on Download or Share and Earn) within your circle - friends, family, relatives, social groups in case of WhatsApp. You can also upload catalog images on your WhatsApp stories (statuses) to reach a larger audience. For Facebook Marketplace, simply share catalogs of your choice and update a price. Reach out to as many potential buyers as possible, optimize your earnings by adding reasonable margin amounts and grow your online business.

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